The Necessity of Failure
The 5 P's of Marketing and a New Marketing Taxonomy

Socks Never Match

Little Miss Matched is a brilliant marketing idea.   It is a combination of the "Big Idea" by Donny Deutsch where he encourages viewers to take everyday problems and solve them and ingenious thinking  from  Seth Godin on how to create a Purple Cow.  The concept of what they do is to sell mismatched clothes.  For example, their socks come in 3 mismatched designs that can be worn in any combination.  They solved the daily sock matching chore by eliminating it all together.   

We all aspire to be remarkable. does it everyday by printing thousands of documents that are submitted over the internet by 10PM and delivered by 8:30AM the next morning.   They eliminated the drive to the copy shop and the unpredictable waiting on line by moving the business online.  The question is how do you elevate the remarkable to the level that it generates buzz like Little Miss Matched.   Something to aspire to.

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