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Make Money and Do What You Love - The Future of Work

Seth Godin makes the point today that you cannot always make money at what you love, yet many blindly pursue their passion and can't earn a living.  He describes a musician that found work in the PR department of a record label and how unfulfilling that job is to someone that wants to make music.  The better route in Seth's mind is to become a music teacher and offer music on-line for free.

I think the latter is right with one exception.  We should all pursue jobs that allow us to follow our passion while making money AND have entrepreneurial endeavors that are solely focused on the passion that also make money.  This duality serves many purposes not to mention protection on the downside should our primary source of income disappear and creates the opportunity to make money at an increasing rate over time as we get better at our passion.  Both feed each other.  You can improve work performance because of your extracurricular learning and bring some level of inspiration to both that comes from knowing that everyday you are moving a step forward.

Today everyone has the tools to create, educate, perform and offer something of value to the world.  We need to change our mindset of dependency on others to one of dependency on ourselves.

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