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Not Every Home Based Business Course is Created Equal

I usually agree with Seth Godin.  He recently commented on the number of "get rich quick schemes" that are coming out of the wood work to tempt the vulnerable to spend money on the latest scheme.  Seth provides the advice that if someone asks for your money, you should walk the other way.  I agree when it comes to "get rich quick" schemes, but  he is too quick to damn all sources of great "start your own business" information.

If someone asks for your money, you should do your due diligence.  It's unfair to paint all of these approaches with a broad brush.  Yes, making money takes time and effort however there are many honest companies that sell invaluable information.  One I particularly like is Sitesell.  For $300 you get a complete set of information and tools on how to start a web based business.  All business is work.  But if you are willing to put in the time, then accelerating your learning curve with purchased information can help.  Isn't that what bookstores are all about.  Then again there is the library.

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