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Is Blogging Worth the Time?

One of the hidden secrets of the Internet is the time commitment it takes to be successful.  While to the end user blogging is instantaneous, to those that create content it sometimes appears to be a task with little reward applied to the achievement of some vague  far away goal.

Building traffic and reader interest is a slow and arduous process.  At times I'm inspired and post every day, while at other times I ask myself what is the value of all these published rants.

But occasionally, a ray of light shines through and you get a glimpse of the goal.  You experience a moment of clarity where you see the potential impact of what you are doing.  One of those moments was today when reading Seth Godin's 3,000 blog post.  Seth indicates how the long tail helps to propel his ideas to the top of the Google rankings, sometimes in unexpected places. How the blog is an essential way to spread and grow ideas.

As marketers, we are in the business of selling ideas and concepts.  Blogging is one of the ways to refine your craft and test ideas against an audience.  Thank you Seth for the dose of inspiration that will get me through the next 100 posts.

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