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Who Will Be the Next DoTube Of Online Video

Fred Wilson in his blog A VC calls YouTube DoTube.  I think he is right.  YouTube is setting the standard for "generation free."  The ability to post, move, edit and whatever else you want to do with Video.  Other media companies that are trying to gate their content are just alienating the very generation they want to monetize.  Of course monetizing "generation free" is a challenge in and of itself.

Online video promises to set the new consumer benchmark for how video is viewed.  If someone is doing something cool on the net and your site or video doesn't have the same pacing and feel, you'll look old.  To see old, rent a movie from the 70's and see how slowly paced it is.  Others to watch with varying degrees of innovation are ABC.com, SuperDeluxe and Bravo.com. 

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