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As an advertiser I kneel at the alter of Google and say thank you every day.  Thank you for buying DoubleClick and potentially brining the same level of measurability and effectiveness to on-line display advertising as you do to search.  Thank you for attempting to tie all of this together with mass media through your misunderstood, yet powerful deal to auction television time on Dish Network.

Holly M. Sanders does a good job in the New York Post chronicling the hysteria in her story called "Rivals Get Business Over "Google Click" threat".  Holly mentions how agencies are bailing on DoubleClick for fear that their ads might over perform, I mean negatively impact their results, I mean cause some weird conflict of interest. 

In today's advertising world ROI rules and Google Analytics is the tool that helps us make those numbers get better every month.  Integrating mass media and DoubleClick into the equation will make sure that hockey stick shaped lead generation graph will stay that way.  Can't wait to see what the Googlites integrate next.

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