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IDK My Bff Jill

Did all of the wireless companies discover text messaging at the same time.  Cingular, T-Mobile and Verizon are all featuring humorous advertising that makes the claim that their text messaging service will not bankrupt parents.

The best of the bunch is the entry from Cingular that takes the abbreviations used by kids and uses them to stage a conversation between parent and child.  The mom can barely keep up with the conversation.  The spot has great casting, a clever idea and I know my family can't see it enough times.  Which is a good thing since you see it every American Idol broadcast.  If I were Cingular I'd be shooting part 2 right now. 

The worst commercial is from Verizon where the mom can now quit her second job to pay for the text messaging habits on her children.   Now let me get this straight.  Mom pays the bills and lets her spoiled children text away while she has to get a job.  Not quite sure where the parent appeal is here.  The commercial is funny because its the mom.  If it was the dad I'd be completely repulsed and maybe have to cancel my Verizon service.

TMobile is somewhere in between with their texting each other at the dinner table.  Great.  Moms hate technology because it divides the family.  Bringing it into the dinner table (although fun) is probably repulsive to most moms.

The winner in all this.  No one.  The commercials are completely undifferentiated.  The net impression.  Wireless companies have text messaging.   IDK. TBC is my BCC Cingular (for those older than 30....I don't know, the best commercial is my best commercial choice Cingular).  Right Jill.

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