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The Challenges of Marketing Measurement and ROI

Every B to B marketer is asked to measure ROI against contribution (revenue after costs of goods).  While the desire is simple enough there are many complexities that confound the process.  I had to list them out for "Deliver" Magazine and thought I'd share.

Measuring Multiple Forms of Response
- 800# Inbound
-Outbound calling
- Trade Show Visits
- Adword/Banner Clicks
- Organic Traffic
- Direct to site traffic

Measurement Tools
- Telephone Tracking Systems and 800# assignment
- CRM systems to link media to contact
- Jump page management systems

Need to integrate Multiple Data Sources
- Front End Marketing
- Back end user level revenue

Comprehensive Integrated Reporting
- All Channel costs, response metrics and revenue in one report
- Monthly tracking of revenue to demonstrate lifetime value\

Quantification of Secondary Benefits
- PR generated links that drive organic search rankings
- Awareness that drives interest and boosts response rates

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