There is no Such Thing As Dial-up
The Challenges of Marketing Measurement and ROI

Viva Las Vegas

Just came back from the SHRM show in Las Vegas.  The show was packed with 21000 visitors from the Human Resource industry.  It was tough to get attention for our  booth with and dominating the show.  This year we improved our tracking of booth visitors with scanning devices that let you indicate the quality of the lead.  I was amazed by the show attendees that brought suitcases to carry home the loot they picked up from each exhibitor.

As for Vegas itself, much as changed and much as stayed the same.  Danny Ganz is still headlining at the Mirage, but is now joined by a great Beatles Cirque Du Soleil show called Love .  The show takes place in the round and is non stop.  A nice touch is the speakers built into every seat that enhances the feeling of immersion into the music.  I also caught David Copperfield's show at the MGMGrand.  I figured once in my life I had to see the worlds greatest magician.  He made 10 audience members disappear and then instantly reappear at the back of the auditorium.  Great stuff.

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