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The Public Relations Content War

I'm engaged in a public relations war where the enemy is known, the artillery is content and to the victor goes traffic and revenue.  Judy Shapiro from Comodo was nice enough to compare notes with me on approaches to content and public relations strategy.

What I learned is that there are new tools from Google such as Google Trends that aid measurement of both search activity and PR activity in comparison to competitors/companies you are benchmarking against.  The tool identifies causes of PR spikes and does it over time.  The tool isn't perfect since it is difficult to break out a division from a parent company (eg; FedExKinkos vs. Kinkos), but it is a great starting place.

I'm excited about this since it shows that we are just scratching the surface when it comes to public relations.  Hats off once again to Google and their initiative to bring together all forms of communication and media measurement.

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