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Sales People and Leads - They do What They Do

Feeding a 70 person sales department leads is a harrowing occupation.  Satisfying them is a constant challenge since by definition a lead is never perfect on some criteria such as revenue potential, customer willingness to buy, the desire of a particular person to do their job that day, the end of the bi-polar personality spectrum they are experiencing that day etc.

After months of feeding sales leads and having to continually follow-up with them to make sure that they did the necessary follow through is the realization that sales will do what sales wants to do.  Feeding them all leads makes no sense when they will only call those that they like.  Developing collateral and selling process that isn't completely personalized to them will just not be used.

The answer.  Turn the table.  Let sales select those leads they want to pursue and develop alternative processes to follow up on what is left.  Create variable data fields in printed materials that allow them to put their name on every page of every document.  Establish personal landing pages on the internet that feeds leads directly to the salesperson.  If you don't achieve happiness at least you have a shot at graceful co-existence.

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