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Service Logic - Home Depot, Circiut City vs. Best Buy, Starbucks and Southwest Airlines

I just got home from Home Depot where I watched two separate couples storm out of the store due to bad service.  One couple couldn't find anyone competent enough to handle a large custom blinds order and the other was charged for the order of the person in front of her.  In both instances salespeople that were standing nearby just watched.  At Circuit City I wanted to buy a TV and like the other 5 people waiting couldn't find anyone to help....for an hour.

Compare this to Starbucks where I've never had a bad service experience or Southwest Airlines where on a recent flight someone that was off duty actually volunteered to help the on duty personnel because the line for help was so long.  When I walk into Best Buy 3 people rush over to help.

It's easy to see which retailers are going to win in the long run which ones aren't.  What is amazing is that the management of those that aren't delivering can 't just adapt the best practices of the service leaders.  Maybe the answer can be found in the words of the Home Depot salesman that I convinced to help me...."what kind of service do you expect for $10 an hour".  Enough said.

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