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The Value of Google

Google is valued at more than Time Warner, Disney and News Corp. combined.  With a $600 stock price and no end in sight, Google Nation is on a roll. 

I'm a huge fan of Google and what they've done for the marketing and advertising industry.  They are doing a great job in integrating all of the information a marketer needs to make smart ROI driven decisions.  Hopefully with size they will maintain their focus.  I've seen no sign that they haven't.  Google is the leader, and by definition no one else can be. advertising looks interesting and is compelling as they are claiming ownership of 3-D search, but it hasn't gotten me away from my Google habit.  The reason is that I am not in pain.  I didn't wake up today thinking boy my search engine isn't working and therefore I can't do my job.  No, I woke up saying, it's another great day because Google search is going to generate hundreds of leads for my company, the tests I am running with Google radio promise to combine awareness objectives with ROI goals and because I have outside consultants figuring out, not how to avoid Google, but how to spend even more. 

Can anyone say Google $700?

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