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Microsoft Tries to Zune Again

After reading David Pogue's article in today's New York Times Microsoft challenges the IPOD again, you just have to scratch your head and say why.  The people at Microsoft just aren't getting it.

No don't get me wrong.  The new Zune is a well made, well designed device (the 3 song listen and destruct clause when you beam a song to another person that has a Zune has to go, but that aside).  It's priced to be at least equal to or competitive with the IPOD with a feature set that is equal to or just above the IPOD.

And that is the problem.  It isn't revolutionary in terms of reinventing the category.  It's another player, from a number 2 or 3 company in the segment, that promises a certain set of features from a company known more for software than hardware.   The iPhone reinvented what a next generation phone should look like.  In fact, it heavily borrowed on thinking that is brought to life in Microsoft's own Surface product where the first line of the promotional video says it all...."There is a new way to live in the digital world."  It's astounding that the Zune didn't go to school on this lesson. 

All I know is that for the holidays' my daughter wanted an IPOD.  Parody doesn't win.  Category Disruption does.

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