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Going Country

NBC killed Green

Every brand, notion and idea has a surrounding subculture.  "Green" is a great example of a cultural movement of individuals that share a passion for the environment.  The sub culture within this culture is as passionate about the topic as are people that hang out in an Apple store.

Now impose your brand into that culture without making a meaningful contribution.  That's what happened to NBC.  They forced their way into the Green culture instead of being invited in.  Their intention might of been pure, but the execution was over the top.  I mean come on, a "Green" episode of the show Las Vegas with some preachy babble about using environmentally sound cleaning products in the hotel.  Not exactly what I come to Las Vegas for.  I wanted to beg them to stop interrupting the show.  What's next, an episode on literacy (it's what killed Knot's Landing for those old enough to remember or more correctly stated when it "jumped the shark").

Instead of invading someone Green culture, NBC should create a culture of its own.  They were off to a great start this year with the introduction of Hulu.

And yes I said I'd only blog weekly, but had to get this one off my mind.  The net effect of the NBC effort is going to be an inability for other advertisers to talk "Green" without the consumer having a negative reaction.  Consumers own green culture.  We as marketers should wait for the invitation.

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