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Thoughts on the Week in Advertising and Marketing

I've been trying to fall into some type of routine for blogging.  Instead of creating individual entries, I thought for this week I'd provide some thoughts I've collected over the past week.

Google - A week doesn't go by without Google announcing new inroads into achieving their goal of creating access to information and seamless integration between consumer/advertiser.

OpenSocial: Social networks continue to be in the news with the battle between MySpace, Beebo, Facebook, People Aggregator and Ning.   The crux of the battle is between social networks that are closed....where all user information is contained within the network..and those that are open like People Aggregator where information is freely shared between platforms.  Google's strategy is to take share from the market leading Facebook by providing a common open platform where other social networks can exchange information.  Since information ultimately is in the hand of the consumer, the thought is that they will be attracted to platforms that allow for the greatest amount of flexibility.  In turn developers will seek those platforms that help enhance the capability of their offerings.

The Google OpenSocial network has unique appeal to business since it has as partners some of the leading business platforms including Linked In, Salesforce.com and Oracle.  The New York Times has a good summary written by Miguel Heft and Brad Stone on the announcement.  As a B to B marketing I'm particularly excited about seamless B to B and B to C integration.

Google Mobile: With the announcement of Google Android, the Googlites made a major move to dominate mobile devices in the same way they dominate the PC universe.  The goal of the wireless carriers is to gate their platforms.  If you have Verizon you are limited to what Verizon wants you to access on their phones.  The Google move promises to change this paradigm.   Google will seek to adapt their learning from desktops and PCs to mobile devices.  What's great about the Google approach is that like their desktop services, they are not forcing themselves on the consumer through monopolistic practices.  Since  the Mimeo.com online printing platform competes in part with local retailers, the Google platform will give us new opportunities to demonstrate why our centralized web centric model is superior to the distributed model of our competitors.

There is a world of marketing beyond Google.  I don't know about you, but I think good ole fashioned general advertising is on an upswing and is getting creatively better.  I particularly like new television work via Leo Burnett  from McDonald's featuring the young boy eating apple dippers to rap music.  Great spot that reinforces the McDonalds "I'm Lovin It" theme.  I also like new work from McCann Erickson for MasterCard.  "Favorite Things" is not only a great commercial, but beautiful craft. 

I'm trying to like the Wendy's campaign.  They have a great offer in the marketplace, but I can't eat at a place where a man badly dressed as Wendy, but I'll try real hard to get over it.


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