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Video Adoption Rates are Soaring

Steve Smith published some interesting statistics in MediaPost on video adoption rates. The data demonstrates the ubiquitous use of the computer among 18 to 34 year olds for video.   Highlights include:

- 51% of connected consumers accessed TV episodes online, compared to 33% six months prior

- The audience for movie trailers rocketed from 19% to 32%, and user-generated video from 28% to 42%.

As Steve points out, "one of the last times we saw people respond to an emerging platform this quickly was with TV itself, which achieved a 50%+ reach in the U.S. in less than five years in the early 1950s."

In the Avenue A/ Razorfish Digital recently published a "Digital Consumer Behavior Study":

-  RSS use has accelerated substantially by Yahoo and Google personalized home pages

- I56% subscribe to RSS. Only a year or two ago, most industry sources pegged RSS usage at well below 20%.

The survey shows that 52% of user find RSS useful "most" (38%) or "all" (14%) of the time.

Based on the data is appears that the line between the computer and television is blurring with television possibly moving to the computer platform.  In terms of RSS, it had to happen given that the feed itself is a great way to quickly edit the vast amount of information that hits your personalized desktop everyday.

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