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I spent the weekend at my alma mater, Binghamton University, and couldn't help but wonder if all the beer drinking was part of an avoidance strategy regarding the thousands of dollars each student incurs in tuition costs.   I've been having similar thoughts for my own children who have a choice of spending $200,000 at a private university or $60,000 at a State University.

What if the business schools have it all wrong.  If education is an investment, does the potential return warrant this kind of debt.  If I were running a business school I'd give every student the opportunity to produce earnings that pay down that debt.  With great web business development tools like SiteSell  why wouldn't a business program set up every student in their own web based business as a condition of graduation.  In the spirit of NorthEastern University and Drexel with their internship programs that all but ensure employment, each student would have the ability to immediately service the debt with a business entity that they formed.   

Students would graduate with practical knowledge of all things digital and find getting a job significantly easier.  The business curriculum would include a real world learning lab.

It's what I should have had when I graduated.  It's what my children should have when they graduate.

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