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Marketing without Money

A friend with a good idea and no money asked for some thoughts on how I would market his website and cause on lowering teen gun violence.  His website is Put The Guns Down.   

Here's the advice I gave:

1. Generate Web Press Pickup - I'd get a press release out there somehow announcing the company and the website.  It will also help your inbound links.  I'd look at Free Press Release  and Mashable.com  for a list of sites.  While it may not create awareness, the link activity should help your site ranking.

2. Search Engine Optimization - Make sure your site is tagged and constructed using optimization best practices (matching headline, metatag, 1st sentence keywork, 3 keyword blend, outbound links on bottom of page).

3. Article Syndication - write an article on gun violence and submit it to publications as a byline or post on Associated Content   or Ezinearticles

4. Engage with bloggers - invite them into a community that you create on Ning 

5. Get an intern - All of this is hard work.  Get an intern to help.  They can also frame some communities around Facebook and MySpace .

6. Get a personal introduction to key decision makers - use your LinkedIn network to reach 5 people that you identify as being influential in the space.

Please share your thoughts.

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