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Graphics For Business

Graphics for business is mystifying for most of us. I think some time between elementary school and middle school I was told, or quickly realized that I didn't have much talent for drawing.  It's a natural conclusion since the kids with a gift for art are painting the Mona Lisa next to my blocks and squares.

That said, as you move into the business world you quickly realize that those graphic skills you neglected are of importance as you are trying to present ideas via PowerPoint and in Word.

Seth Godin, in a great post today, provides a list of tools for the rest of us.  Simple graphic tips and tricks and that can turn that fugly presentation into something that looks as important as the ideas that are being presented.

The list can be found at: Seth's Squidoo blog post.  Thank you Seth for the great list.

140 Characters

When you twitter you have 140 characters to get your point across.  When you write on a Facebook wall, writing more than one sentence seems out of place. A text message is even shorter.

We are in the midst of a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.  Posts in vehicles like this blog are going to be influenced by the limitations of speech in Twitter and text.  Traditional printed media such as newspapers and magazines are going to feel even more out of step as speech gets shortened and modified to meet the expectations of this generation of communicators.

As for us bloggers, maybe 140 characters will force me to get to the point or at minimum, to at least have one.