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Keyword Selector Tools

Keyword selector tools are an essential part of writing for the internet.  Good post today by Chris Knight on keyword analytic tools he believes can be of help .  I've written earlier posts on how the new marketing is about ownership of language, both commonly used and the use of familiar phrases that are applied to new ideas.

Chris lists a few tips for owning language that are helpful such as:

1. Focus on less popular keywords which are lower down the tail (position 50 - 100)
2. The tools are an excellent source of research on new areas to write about.

The tools listed include:

Wordtracker:: Unique KEI ratings to understand likelihood of breaking through the clutter.  At minimum, take the free trial.
Keyword Discovery : One of my personal favorites.  Great way to quickly research and build a list of effective keywords.
Google Alerts: Setting up an alert gives you a sense of what people are writing about and the specific language they are using.
Google Suggest: Google lists keywords that are related to your term.

All are great ways to build a keyword list.