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Here Comes Siri and the Future of Organic Search

Image representing Siri as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

For anyone that follows Apple and the recent introduction of the iPhone 4S, the most interesting feature was Siri. The platform is voice activated and  is designed to provide a perfect match between a verbal request and the information or action requested.

What's interesting, is that just like brands compete for first position in organic rankings on Google (unpaid rankings), the same battle will occur for ranking in Siri.  Said another way, companies like, the new online printer, will want to be the answer, when someone asks, "what is a high quality overnight online printing service," instead of a printing service such as FedEx.

It's still early on this one, but worth watching given the closed nature of the Apple universe and the disruptive nature of significant search share moving to voice.  There are also several futurists that see Apple supremacy in the search world as their mobile devices and IPADs take over many of the functions that were previously dominated by PC use and the Googleverse.

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