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Right on Target

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There seems to be a change for the better in the quality and production values that are going into some recent TV spots.  This commercial from Target just does everything right;  visual interest, strategic ownership of Spring Color, speaks to unique Target aesthetics and it's so brand right.  Congrats to the creative, production  and account teams that pulled it together, as well as to the smart client that made the investment.


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I Had Cartier Advertising for Breakfast

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This morning in between my orange juice and Kashi I was stopped mid-chew by a new long form TV commercial from Cartier. To understand the impact this had, you have to understand my purposely dull and monetenous morning routine. On most mornings the TV would actually have to explode for me to glance from the endless crime stories in the newspaper to the endless stories on the Today Show. If anything, the mornings are by design meant to unfold according to schedule, with the bits and pieces from my "friends" Matt, Ann, Al and Natalie providing soothing and familiar background noise as they struggle to make the latest update on LIndsay Lohan look like news.  This is then followed by an endless stream of advertising that is filled with important updates such as the day for the latest Macy's super de duper sale, or the slightly more interesting new campaign from JCPenney (everyday low prices, but really low prices on every other Friday, or something like that).  All this while thinking about the day, checking email and gulping down my breakfast in under 15 minutes so that I can catch the morning train with about 5 seconds to spare.

But not this morning.  No this morning, out of no where, came a tiger racing through a dreamscape.  Not one of those dreams that last :15 seconds or :30 seconds, but one that took over the entire advertising block.  An eternity by today's standards.  It was filled with images and music that were telling a story and taking you to a place that was beyond the ordinary.  To call it an advertisement is to diminish my appreciation for the craft that went into its' production.  To say it was a movie would not fully capture how impactful it was and how far it stood apart from anything I've seen before.... on morning television, let alone on television at all.

The "film" was released to celebrate the 165th anniversary of Cartier.  It is a fitting tribute to the brand.  The "film" was bold and original, making the programming that preceded it appear trivial, compared to the majesty of what just happended.  Congratulations to Cartier and the marketers behind the brand on your 165th.  The "film" is a fitting tribute and fresh start for a great brand.  

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