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P&G and Google Mix it Up in Channel Attribution Modeling

The conversation around multi-channel attribution ticked up a few notches with Ad Age reporting on P&G's initiative to measure campaign ROI and Google's recent posts on the consumer path to purchase. 


English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

P&G took a rare stumble with recent modeling efforts that failed to yield predictable and stable results. Month to month data did not align well with other quantitative sources.

Google on the other hand has provided great insight into the role of various media by industry, although the data is somewhat theoretical in that it is best used as a benchmark for product or service specific initiatives.


I'd suggest that both parties look to U.S. Army Recruitment for an understanding of how to measure attribution. They've always done an excellent job of understanding how predisposition (personality) and propensity (attitude toward product and service) work together and are influenced by media.

On other fronts:

What is Tempurpedic thinking? I couldn't for the life of me understand what was going on in the advertising until I watched it again on You Tube. Now that I understand it, I still don't get it.  Tempurpedic, we make comfortable beds. Yawn, is that a reason to believe.  I don't.

Does anyone like the current Tropicana television campaign? When the creatives break out people dancing in the streets and supermarket aisles you know that they agency is out of ideas.





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