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Grammarly Makes it Grammatically Correct

Grammar is one thing that often falls by the wayside when copywriting or when writing a blog post. Grammar was always one of those hard to learn things to be avoided. Luckily I now use the grammar check function of Grammarly to end what to me was equivalent of a severe rope burn.

Grammarly lives in the cloud and uses a simple cut and paste procedure to do a thorough grammar check. The tool asks how writing will be used (casual, business etc.) followed by a scan that applies 250 rules. A separate plagiarism checker helps to ensure that all of your work is original or properly credited. Spell check is also built in making it even easier one stop way to improve any writing.

There is no comparing the number of mistakes caught by Grammarly when compared to other tools. A check by Microsoft Word will often miss ten or more problems that are easily called out and explained by Grammarly. It is one of my go to tools for every blog and web post, and I highly recommend it become one of yours.


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