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Sometimes You Need A Rotation

Disheartened at work?

Being asked to produce results with declining budgets and little support?

Is success evasive and hard to define?

Intensity that used to get you out of bed in the morning now keeping you from rising early?

Maybe you just need a rotation off the front lines of marketing for a while.

Time to refocus and learn new channels and techniques.

Time to get back to experimentation and away from bosses that fail to articulate what success looks like.

To quote the army, time for "training and readiness" to improve so that you are ready for the next challenge in order to meet the "requirements of future missions."

Everyone needs time to reflect, take stock, and refocus.

Careers evolve. What happens going forwad is unpredictable. But with each day comes new discoveries and opportunities. All you need is the time off the front to find them.



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