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Framily Planning

My family is mostly made up of people that had no choice.

For the most part they are familiar to me or at least I know who they are.  Some of us share a family cell phone plan from Verizon which promises "More Everything" but in reality always costs more and doesn't deliver everything.

Then along comes Sprint and the Framily Plan.

Is it marketing genius? Encourage related and unrelated people to to form groups of 7 to 10 people, "the framily" that gets them max discounts on Sprint services.

Or marketing madness? Take a confusing behavior, switching, in a confusing category, cell phone contracts and subscriptions, and predicate discounts on hanging out with a stranger named Gordon.


This is Gordon, a character from the Sprint campaign that mooches off his Framily

Photo Credit: Sprint

While I love watching the campaign, I can't imagine it working. Sure it gets my attention, but so do lots of things I'd never do or buy.

Particularly when T-Mobile promises that they will cover switching fees and even provide a phone for a free 1 week test drive.

On Sprint in order to get max savings I need to do the work.  If I change carriers I piss off the framily, Gordon, my mom, the kids and all.

I always go for clear and straight forward in advertising and this isn't it....and leave my framily out of it.


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