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CVS Takes A Leap

I like what is going on with CVS (now CVSHealth). They are making some smart bold marketing moves (in addition to the strategic use of big data driven coupons and promotions etc.) in a category filled with larger and smaller well run competitors such as Walgreens.

Here's my take:

Brands require some type of consumer behavior related catalyst to grow. CVS-mission-2

The bigger the trend, the more urgency is felt by a slice of the population to take some type of corrective action in order to get with the program.

The quest for better health is one of these catalysts interpreted by consumers as, I'm aging physically and I want to slow it down as best I can.  

(In this case it is also the category benefit, so smart move to try and own it before someone else does.)

This sparked a wave of related trends such as wanting to know the source of our food, coconut water, watermelon water, water that is water and many others.

Chipotle gets it. Zoes Kitchen gets it. Hain Celestial and White Wave gets it. (note to self: I have to pick up a few shares of each of these stocks)

Now CVS gets it with a leap on the bandwagon.

First the name change - from CVS Caremark to CVS Health.  Sounds clear to me.

Next the new tag-line - Health is everything.

Since actions speak louder than words, they dropped cigarettes from each store. Brave move since it has to cost some $$$.



Now it's time to market the change starting with a big outdoor splash in Manhattan's Bryant Park.

The CVS brand now has the positive mo'

Looking forward to see what they do with it.


Part of the CVSHealth Bryant Park Takeover


CVS Street Team Handing Out Red Heart Shaped Lollipops and Cigarette Boxes Filled with Candles for the 10 Years You Add Back to Your Life When you Quit Smoking


Park Handouts by the Guerrilla Marketing Team

Walgreen's it is your move.