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Big Lou Can Get You Insurance Too

You have to love big Lou.

He has two ex-wives.

High blood pressure.

And cholesterol levels off the charts.

"Just Like You"

But "Big Lou" was able to get life insurance, and he can do the same for you.

The campaign is raw, has little tact and hits the audience right in the middle of the target.

The Big Lou campaign is a smart creation of

Why I like the "Big Lou" campaign:

Smart Targeting: Men that have trouble getting life insurance due to some medical issue.  Well defined and different from the rest of the industry. They don't promise the lowest price, just the best pricing for guys with real problems.

Great Radio: I can't wait to hear what is going on with Big Lou today.  Is he now up to wife number 3?

Granted it is not for everyone, but what guy wouldn't like.... "Did you marry a trophy wife who wants a life insurance policy three times bigger than your last two mistakes? If so, we have insurance to meet all your needs. Call Big Lou to set up an appointment".