Can McDonald's Be Saved?
Not Smart Enough for Advertising

Branding is Back

It was nice to see some strong branding work from McDonald's (MCD), Always (PG) and Microsoft in the Super Bowl.  In the case of McDonald's and Microsoft (MSFT) my reaction was more of a "where have you been old friend," and oh "that is what you stand for."

In a world where consumers are bombarded by media, games, apps, experiences, work, family and other time demands, brand advertising is more critical than ever. It is the way we quickly understand if a brand is worthy of our time, attention and dollars.

No, you cannot substantiate it, but boy, you sure do know when a brand is lost and now found.

If you have been living under a cultural rock, here are the three commercials (the cure is a subscription to Entertainment Weekly and the Skimm).

Always #LikeAGirl


McDonalds Pay With Lovin'

Microsoft What Can You Do?

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