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What's All This Twitter About

It seems like any service that has something to do with blogging and the Internet quickly becomes the talk of Silicon Valley.  The latest entry is Twitter which is described in today's Financial Times in a story by Richard Watters and Chris Nuttall called "Mini blog is the talk of Silicon Valley." 

For those that haven't twittered, the idea is to create a forum for short bursts of ideas and thoughts.  You set up a Twitter home page like a MySpace page and then others subscribe to your Twitters.  You can Twitter from any device and since a Twitter tends to be short, it is ideal for text messages from mobile devices.

Now before you say who would possibly want to Twitter, there are some obvious uses.  John Edwards, the Presidential candidate twitters all day from the campaign trail.  You can subscribe to market update Twitters from Marketwatch..  You get the idea.  And yes, there is no business model, but as stated by Fred Wilson on his blog, so what. 

The Internet is about building and monetizing audiences.  Twitter is growing 20% a week and has over 60,000 users.  I'm sure with thousands of imaginative users and no barriers to use, Twitter is going to be an interesting phenomena to watch.

I just Twittered about the annoying man in front of me on the Long Island Railroad talking loudly on the phone.  I'm now Twittering his entire conversation.  Revenge at last.  I think I'm going to like this Twitter thing.

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