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Google Nation

As an advertiser I kneel at the alter of Google and say thank you every day.  Thank you for buying DoubleClick and potentially brining the same level of measurability and effectiveness to on-line display advertising as you do to search.  Thank you for attempting to tie all of this together with mass media through your misunderstood, yet powerful deal to auction television time on Dish Network.

Holly M. Sanders does a good job in the New York Post chronicling the hysteria in her story called "Rivals Get Business Over "Google Click" threat".  Holly mentions how agencies are bailing on DoubleClick for fear that their ads might over perform, I mean negatively impact their results, I mean cause some weird conflict of interest. 

In today's advertising world ROI rules and Google Analytics is the tool that helps us make those numbers get better every month.  Integrating mass media and DoubleClick into the equation will make sure that hockey stick shaped lead generation graph will stay that way.  Can't wait to see what the Googlites integrate next.


The concept of Discovery is described by Steve Smith in the Behavioral Insider.  Steve describes how the latest trend in search is to surprise searchers with relevant, yet unexpected links.  While the surprise and delight part of marketing has been here forever, I think there is work to be done on predicting behavior.  Paul Martino, CEO of Aggregate Knowledge discusses technology that is predictive of behavior and can be applied to search results.  I've always believed that behavior is predictable.  People have life themes, and those themes tend to inform all aspects of life.  If you are a heavy gambler, odds are you have addictive behaviors in other aspects of life.  Someone who chooses a high stress career probably behaves in similar ways outside of work.  If behavior wasn't predictable among large groups, advertising wouldn't work.

Who Will Be the Next DoTube Of Online Video

Fred Wilson in his blog A VC calls YouTube DoTube.  I think he is right.  YouTube is setting the standard for "generation free."  The ability to post, move, edit and whatever else you want to do with Video.  Other media companies that are trying to gate their content are just alienating the very generation they want to monetize.  Of course monetizing "generation free" is a challenge in and of itself.

Online video promises to set the new consumer benchmark for how video is viewed.  If someone is doing something cool on the net and your site or video doesn't have the same pacing and feel, you'll look old.  To see old, rent a movie from the 70's and see how slowly paced it is.  Others to watch with varying degrees of innovation are ABC.com, SuperDeluxe and Bravo.com. 

Beyond Google, Three Sites to Watch

I just came across three search engines that are finding the innovative edge of search engine technology.  Thank you to David Berkowitz from MediaPost's search insider:

Goshme - aggregates hundreds of search engines and recommends the best for your search.

Like - Beyond cool and one of the most interesting ideas I've seen in a long time.  The site does visual search for shoppers.  See a watch on the hand of your favorite celebrity, search for it and others like it on the web.  Want to change the color or looking for a specific price, no problem.  Easy to use, very powerful.

Indeed - Metasearch engine dedicated to job hunters.  Easy to use, great results.